Our History

Providing Caring, Independent Living for Seniors, where concern for our Residents comes first

In the year 1900, Robert Tegler left his home province of Ontario, traveled across the country, landing in Edmonton in the same year.  Of the many businesses achieved by Robert during his lifetime, the project with which he was most often identified was the Tegler Building, built in 1912 and expanded in 1913.  It was, at the time, the "largest business building" in the City of Edmonton.

In 1921 Robert Tegler died suddenly at the age of 44.  By that time he had become a prominent entrepreneur and businessman in the city, and he left behind as his legacy the first charitable trust to be established in the Province of Alberta.  

In 1978,  a new charitable organization, known as The Tegler Foundation, was formed by R.W. Tegler, P. Klingle and G. Carney from the sale of The Tegler Building Limited.  In June, 1981 the Trustees voted to fund The Tegler Foundation's major project:  a Senior Citizens' high rise apartment building, known as Tegler Manor. 

During the development of Tegler Manor, the new Lobby was constructed using bricks from the original Tegler Building.  In addition, prior to demolition of the Tegler Building, the lobby mural was removed from it and provided to the Trust.  It was then restored and incorporated into the new lobby at Tegler Manor, where it resides today.

Tegler Terrace was subsequently developed in 1993.  The Terrace encompasses a full city block with gorgeous architectural features.

The Tegler Foundation continues to provide affordable, subsidized housing for Seniors.